i like cooking and of route i like eating, however I hate washing dishes, so this recipe is perfect for me, as it bestcalls for one pot, that’s it! To make pasta you usually need one pot to cook dinner the pasta and a skillet to cookthe sauce, but not anymore!

Apparantely Martha Stewart changed into the first one to make this recipe, and you’ll discover hundreds of variations accessible, but this one is my favorite one. You really need to offer it a try. The grand vegan pasta

experience free to add other veggies, spices or herbs (fresh or dried). I haven’t tried this one pot pasta and not using a oil, but I assume it should work. i might upload some tahini or nut butter before serving, though, to get a creamier pasta.

You want a large skillet, frying pan or pot, massive sufficient to your spaghetti (see photo). I’m in love with my solid iron skillets, so I used a 12-inch one (30 cm), but sense unfastened to apply what you’ve got on hand.

if you haven’t a skillet or pot that is large enough, don’t worry, use what you commonly use to cook dinnerspaghetti. you could additionally use macaroni or some other form of brief pasta instead. I’ve in no way tried it myself, however I suppose it need to paintings (you may need to add more or much less water, although).

One Pot PastaOne Pot Pasta

one pot pasta substances

those are the components you’ll need to make this one pot pasta recipe:

Spaghetti – I used complete wheat spaghetti, but any other spaghetti will do. Use gluten-loose pasta if wished. relying at the kind of pasta you’re using, you’ll need to prepare dinner it for a distinct amount of time. for example, regular wheat pasta is prepared in only 10 mins.
Cherry tomatoes – another form of tomatoes will do.
fresh basil leaves – sense loose to use other clean or dried herbs instead.
extra virgin olive oil – I’m Spanish, so i take advantage of extra virgin olive oil to prepare dinner maximum of my dishes. but, any sort of oil is k. I constantly use greater virgin oils when possible because they’re healthier.
Salt – I usually use Himalayan red salt. Any kind of salt is ok, though.
floor black pepper – fresh floor black pepper tastes high-quality. however, I discover store-sold extra handyand also simpler to measure with a teaspoon. Serve with vegan salad.
crimson pepper flakes – feel free to apply cayenne powder, clean chilies, or some thing you want to make your pasta spicy. this is an elective element, so that you can omit it if you’re not into spicy meals.
Water or vegetable inventory – I favor to use water, however vegetable stock is also an amazing choice.
how to make one pot pasta

upload all the components to a massive skillet or frying pan. I used a 12-inch cast iron skillet (30 cm).
bring to a boil and cook over medium-high warmness for 15 mins or till the pasta is cooked. Stir regularly.
Serve at once or keep leftovers in the refrigerator in an airtight box for four to 5 days.