This apple oatmeal bread is the ideal vegan bread device recipe. It combines healthy oatmeal, flaxseed, and apples with a touch of cinnamon and vanilla for a candy treat you can feel accurate about!

Apple Oatmeal Bread slices on a black cutting board
ingredients for Vegan Apple Oatmeal Bread
these simple ingredients are what you’ll want to make a clean loaf at domestic:

vegan desserts – White All-cause or bread flour. All-reason works simply fine for this recipe.
short oats. make certain no longer to use metal-cut oats or the large vegan dessert flake type.
floor Flax. while flax is ground the vitamins are available to be digested. Grinding the flax also enables it to gel…making for a fantastic smooth crumb.
Brown Sugar. I’ve used the ordinary Rogers Brown sugar right here, but you can effortlessly replacementcoconut sugar if you decide on. careful no longer to switch out any sugar-unfastened sweeteners because theyeast needs the sugar to rise well.
Apples. make sure to peel and cube the apple, removing the center and seeds. you’ll want 2/three cup which is set 1 medium apple.
Plant milk. i like Silk Soy milk. It’s pleasant and thick and creamy. you could use any plant-primarily based milk you’ve got on hand for this recipe.
Vanilla. The vanilla adds this kind of scrumptious candy flavor to this apple oatmeal loaf. Use proper greatvanilla for the satisfactory flavor.
Vegetable oil. The oil provides to the moisture of the loaf and contributes to a softer crumb. in case you’d favor todepart it out, cross beforehand and swap it for a further 2 tbsp water. there is enough floor flax in this recipe to preserve moisture in the loaf.
Salt. degree this element carefully because it will have interaction with the yeast. Too little and also you’ll have extra rise, too much and also you’ll get a short, compact loaf.
Cinnamon. This factor also can have interaction with the yeast. be sure to feature it away from the yeast, especially if you are the usage of the put off placing on the bread device. you could do this by way of creating a small hollow inside the flour to comprise the cinnamon.
Bread device yeast. It’s very vital you use bread device or instantaneous yeast in a bread maker. conventionalyeast will no longer paintings the identical way.
A slice of Apple Oatmeal Bread held in a hand displaying the feel of the loaf

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how to Make Apple Oatmeal Bread
It’s vitally crucial you observe the instructions for your particular bread gadget with regards to includingsubstances.

i have the sunbeam bread maker and it recommends to feature all the liquid ingredients first, observed by way ofthe dry with the yeast on top.

You don’t need to feature the diced apple in at a specific time. It’s k to position the apple in at the same time because the rest of your components.

complete loaf of Apple Oatmeal Bread held in a hand to the digital camera

Apple Oatmeal Vegan Bread machine Recipe

Megan Kerry
This vegan bread device recipe is wholesome and delicious. sparkling apples, oatmeal, and cinnamon create the suitable sweet loaf that may be eaten fresh from the gadget or as toast for breakfast!
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cook TIME
3 hrs
Breakfast, facet Dish
1 Loaf
200 kcal

Bread machine

1/three cup plant milk
2/three cup water
1 tsp vanilla
2 tbsp neutral flavored oil
2/3 cup apples peeled and diced
1 half tsp salt
three tbsp brown sugar
2 three/four cups all cause or bread flour
1/3 cup short oats
1/four cup floor flax
1 1/2 tsp floor cinnamon
2 tsp bread gadget or instantaneous yeast

vicinity all the components into your bread machines bread pan within the order encouraged with the aid ofyour producer.
select the “simple Cycle” and 1.five pound loaf settings
alter the crust color on your desire. I used the “light” crust placing
Press begin

**Calorie and nutrients statistics are an estimate only.
For a lower-calorie loaf, skip the oil and add 2 tbsp water as a substitute. there’s already masses of flax inside the recipe to feature moisture.
make certain you are using “immediately yeast” or “bread machine yeast”. conventional yeast needs to be dissolved earlier than adding to a bread recipe and it is not intended for use in a bread gadget. 
be sure to maintain the cinnamon and the yeast cut loose every different mainly in case you are the use of a not on time setting in your gadget. Cinnamon can impact how properly the yeast will carry out. 
Use the fast-cooking oats, now not metallic-reduce oats.
there may be no need to feature the apples in at a special time inside the cycle. just be sure to peel and dicethem well. 2/three cup of diced apple is about 1 medium apple.