right here’s how you fulfill that chocolate craving on a raw vegan eating raw vegan powder, regimen. In popular in relation to smoothies I don’t degree something so feel free to regulate as had to your very own personal tastes.elements:Frozen BlueberriesBanana (1-2)Hemp Seeds (3 Tbsp)Cacao Powder (1-2 Tbsp)Almond ButterFlax MealFlax

Then add some water (or almond milk)  up to the pinnacle of the blueberries.  in case you’re not going for a hundred% raw…. unsweetened shop offered almond milk will make it extra creamy.    subsequent upload the uncooked almond butter. I used dealer Joes emblem for this smoothie. whether or not or no longer their uncooked Almond Butter is genuinely
in case you’re not involved with being uncooked but need a healthy vegan smoothie…. herbal unsalted peanut butter is a yummy choice and kids love it too.I normally add 2 bananas but in case you are the usage of almond milk in preference to water one banana ought to be sufficient.    subsequent upload the uncooked cacao powder. I prefer

typically use 2 Tbsp. an excessive amount of cacao can every now and then be bitter so don’t go too crazy with it.    The flax meal and flax oil add some brilliant fiber in addition to evidently occurring omega-3 fatty acids.The maca powder is non-obligatory. It has a sweet taste and lots of amazing health advantages.    You don’t need a fancy blender for this one. I make all my smoothies with a $15 blender from target.top
smoothies with a $15 blender from target.top off with water or almond milk, combination, and enjoy!