4/13/17, 8:27 PM

I am highly pleased with the customer service, wait time, environment & available items.

V.M.  1313

4/13/17, 1:59 pm

You are all awesome!!!


4/9/17, 9:48 pm

Love the detailed explanation of the benefits of your juices!


2/1/17, 2:28 pm

Dropped by to visit my friend Jana, at her New Beginnings shop and found a cute top! But I was hungry so checked out the Munch On shop. I'm normally hungry an hour after I eat but it's been over 3 hrs and I'm still satisfied from the breakfast taco. They were also yummy and oh so healthy! Loved the cute shop & food!


1/14/17, 6:51 pm

Had a great time talking to other customers and the young man who made us a shot of ginger, lemon and turmeric.


3/28/17, 1:11PM

Definitely a hidden gem!!! The juices are fresh and tasty and the brownies to die for!!! On my list of favorite stops for healthy snacks.


3/25/17, 6:17 pm

Customer Service

And that everything is done natural way.


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